a sexual awakening

Hi Seb,  Just wanted to drop a note. I came across your site one day while surfing bored at work. It was bookmarked immediately and I have revisited many times since. I enjoy the various sections. I love the masculine manner you approach the issue of male sexuality and the sexuality that exists between men, gay or str8.

You seem to deal with male sexual hunger in a confident and mature fashion. It has always been my argument that everyone, men and women, should have sex with members of both sexes–preference aside–if for nothing else to experience a different type of body, a different type of pleasure.  I’m jealous. I’d like to be as confident and able as yourself. I’m 32 and going through a sexual awakening. Sex up until now has been mostly in response to someone else´s desires…reactionary. I want to sort this, be more confident and defining in my wants and desires.  I want to learn to be fucked, to receive. The only time I have enjoyed anal sex is when I have been high on coke or X, and boy did I LOVE it, but only when high, and that has been only 4 times in 12 years of gay sex. Would or could you teach me? I have a fantasy of being pounded, big cock, or cocks, mouth, ass, whereever. Not so original I know, but its what I’d like.

I visit your site often, as I said before, and often times I become so horny I have to go for a wank in the office toilet.  I’m in Spain now, but am thinking about a long weekend in London sometime in October. If so I’ll make an appointment so you can show me all I was never shown. I have complete confidence in you, your site has sold me, excited me, it’s had me in the fucking toilet here at work, wanking!!!  Dave

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  1. What a sexy man looking at such a beautiful asshole. I hope he ate the ass and cock after this picture was taken. I know I certainly would have. .You have so many sexy men. This is my favorite website. Wish I would here from some of the guys I post comments to. but I guess that is against the rules.

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