He breaks the spell of a cold forest.

Twigs silent for so long crack in protest,

Drying leaves rustle their discontent.

Startled he runs from the bush through a clearing

And back again.

Muscles contract and swell with each step

Proving to those who need it

The existence of the divine

and his beloved.

Do I step forward,

There’s a desire, a yearning

To touch, to connect.

In this clearing two worlds have collided.

Amongst the trees, I face beauty

Would he consider me a devotee?

Two worlds intertwine.

Will he retreat back?

Would he accept the homage,

of a touch or a caress?

Would my longing be a bridge

To infinity or an end?

The distance between us both

Shrinks and grows.

Can he understand my wish

Do I comprehend his desire.

Without a word he leaps.

Spellbound I follow, rapt.

Darting hither and yon,

I fear separation.

Thankfully, we meet again,

Bound by our confusion.

Was this serendipity

Or happenstance.

Before we can re-connect.

As my hands reach out

The dogs bark.

The words “They’re after me”

between us.

He’s off again,

Full of grace, full of virility.

Running towards the sun.

And I’m lost.

Lost, not knowing if I wanted

This moment never to end

Or if I wanted it to progress.

Longing for an eternal now.

A shadow’s loneliness.

Neither wanting to be lost

in the sun,

or found in the shadows.

In the silence I look around me

Knowing that for today at least,

He is safe and flowers

Have begun to bud around me.

Like a shadow – I am and I am not…

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