After a big rugby game, all the players came off the field and hit the showers. These sweaty men strip to their jock straps and soap up their magnificent bodies. They glisten in the light, their cocks ripple as they scrub every inch. Their huge balls hang there dripping with water, begging. Then the players towel off and wrestle around without any clothes on. Anon

3 thoughts on “Rugby Jock Off

  1. Sex in the locker room doesn’t happen that often. Elsewhere? Sure, but it’s too public in the locker room, and the shower in particular risks injury.

    Says the guy who jerked off with his teammates throughout high school.

  2. I love seeing a man in a jock strap, especially if he has a big penis. I like when you can trace the shape of his penis right through the fabric pouch and see the head ridge on his mushroom!

  3. I love a smelly jock that has been worn for a fewdays so its nice and fresh yet has absorbed a lovely man scent. I love to bury my nose right in it and feel the cock get hard getting the scent right into my nostrels. I love jacking off to a good dirty jock so if you have any pics you want to trade email me for sure

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