Men are fascinated by their cocks, that’s something we all have in common. When showering after the gym or swimming, or even when having a piss in a public toilet we all have a little peep. Even though there may not be any desire for actual contact it’s as if the mind has taken a photo of that “erotic image” and can flash back to have another look at any time. We may wonder about what type of sex the owner of the “image” enjoys. We may get sexually aroused thinking about him shagging his wife, and just before you “cumm” you dream about putting his cock in your mouth. I was always of the assumption that every-one was bisexual. Acknowledge all parts of your sexuality, even the tiny parts. It’s part of what makes you, you. If you do not it will damage you. I once had a very old man come to see me. A few months short of his 90th. birthday. He was not going to see that day, he was not well. He had seen a small “ad” of mine for massage in a local newspaper. He had gone through his life always desiring men but had never had the courage to do anything about it. After a while chatting about the war and stuff he looked at me and said, “I’ve left it too late. Haven’t I”. I wanted to lie. But I couldn’t. The next day I went out and done something that I would not usually have had the courage to do. It had a very profound effect on me.

1 thought on “Something in Common?

  1. May we all become in love with who we are and let us love not who we are not. Not until we are in love with our selves can we love others for who they truly are.

    God bless.

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