Bit by Bit I am becoming more attracted to cock. I never thought I would ever say this but now I have. It began with a dream. Then I stumbled on this wonderful website and keep coming back to it. I have even posted a little here. I have started to visit gay chat rooms. At first I just chatted but now I have even been video chatting (without displaying my face). I even remove all my clothes when possible. I like the experience of knowing someone is turned on by my cock. I like that I have made men cum. I like that I have cum for men in these chats. I have not yet tried meeting someone as I still wonder if I would have the courage to do so and I wouldn’t want to disappoint the man. I think I may be more than bi curious.

I am still fantasising about cock on a daily basis; I masturbate every morning after looking at all of the lovely cocks on this website. I am getting hard now thinking about it; I have cum for men online; I have had my cock sucked 3 times (always in haste); cum over a strangers cock whilst wanking him in my hand; but I have never sucked another mans cock and fantasise more and more of having the courage to do it.


16 thoughts on “MayBi

  1. You are having all these longings because they’re ok to have now. Having sex with other men was immasculating before, and that held a lot men back. But no more. It’s actually become quite the opposite. Worshipping cock is one of the most masculine thing you can do.

    Worship another man’s cock, brother. Life is too short.

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