Some time ago, I read of a conceptual artist in, I think Sweden, who was creating an art installation dealing with semen. He had built a Plexiglas (perspex) cube 1 metre X1 metre X 1 metre; one cubic metre, which he was going to fill with semen. Since filling it on his own would have taken him far too long, he placed notices in any magazine, internet site, etc. asking for donations from men all over the world. There were strict guidelines for mailing human semen and it was costly to mail, but he did report that he was receiving samples from many different countries. For their efforts, each man would have his name listed in a large ‘Donors’ Book’ to be placed next to the cubic metre of semen. The artist expressed his concerns in regard to completing the installation; local constabulary, Christian fundamentalists, women’s groups, vigilante newspapers to name a few. On top of all that, he had to maintain the cube at near 0 degrees celsius (32 degrees fahrenheit) for the entire life of the project. I followed his progress as much as possible but I lost track of him over the years, so I don’t know if he actually got his cube filled to the brim. But I frequently thought what a wonderful monument to Man and the Power of the Penis.


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