He must be an incarnation of God Himself. Though He is present in everyone, His presence is more pronounced in this mature Godfather and hence, He has a worshiper in me and thousands of us. He is the deity whose picture must be adored with incense sticks and prayers everyday. Whoever gets a chance to witness this miraculous beauty of God for real will attain moksha indeed, for there is nothing left to be desired anymore. 

Hindu Brahmin Slut

4 thoughts on “An Incarnation of God 2

  1. Oh yes, love Dick Nasty in the article heading there fucking the inflatable. Huge fan, so wish I could suck his thick cock and sit on it

    1. Is god called Dick Nasty? (Porn name). That’s nice, kind of appropriate, and this guy is one of my gods, those nips and good looking bald head. Sexy

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