Spiritual Connection

I have always believed in the benefits of masturbation (self-love, wanking, jerking off, etc.). I have no empirical research, but a ton of anecdotal information that all seems to point to the improved […]

Hail Priapus!

Mr. Cox, I was directed to your site by a friend who knew I would be interested in its contents. I founded Toronto’s first Temple of Priapus in 1994. Since then, it has […]

A Semen Art Installation

Some time ago, I read of a conceptual artist in, I think Sweden, who was creating an art installation dealing with semen. He had built a Plexiglas (perspex) cube 1 metre X1 metre […]

Emotional & Spiritual

All men deserve this emotional and spiritual support and guidance. In fact, they need it. The proof of that is everywhere you look. Never has a society been so emotionally broken, spiritually stunted, […]