Too Large For Love?

I used to frequent a gay bar in Louisville KY in the US. One day an older man came into the bar. He let people know that he was straight, but couldn’t get […]

Semen Stratosphere

About the picture of the man launching his semen into the stratosphere. I’ve watched him at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. He stands on the street for hours masturbating his rock-hard […]

A Sucking Tutorial

I couldn’t agree more. I’m most alive with a cock in my mouth pleasing another man. I don’t touch myself except for a bit of nipple play on myself because my hands are […]

When I’m Edging

Interesting perspectives. There’s so much emphasis on edging on sites like Bateworld that I assumed that everyone was into it. I enjoy sessions where I masturbate for long periods of time, but I […]

Penis Size And Masculinity

A study has been released by researchers at Holland’s Utrecht University that suggests a man’s penis size is key to his masculinity, and most often his favourite body part. 251 men with an […]

To Worship

To worship a man is to worship God. If God himself came down to earth and asked you to put his throbbing God-phallus on your mouth or into your fleshy hole, would you […]

Straight Cock Available

I really love worshipping all cock, but I feel a particular satisfaction when I have the amazing opportunity to suck a straight man’s cock. I have no thoughts in my head about how […]