The Platonic Blow

The Platonic Blow, (sometimes known as “A Day for a Lay” or “The Gobble Poem“) is an erotic poem by W. H. Auden. Thought to have been written in 1948, the poem gleefully describes […]

HaPenis Ed

By soundless bounds it extended and distended, by quickGreat leaps it rose, it flushed, it rushed to its full size.Nearly nine inches long and three inches thick,A royal column, ineffably solemn and wise. […]

Sluices of Juices

Then I pressed on the spot where the groin is joined to the cock, Slipped a finger into his arse and massaged him from inside. The secret sluices of his juices began to […]

The afternoon sunlight

And here he was sitting beside me, legs apart. I could bear it no longer. I touched the inside of his thigh. His reply was to move closer. I trembled, my heart Thumped […]