What a fucking website! This site is proof that men may age, but their dicks remain beautiful. Older men turn me on immensely. They are seasoned, safe, know what they want, and who they want to give it to them. After we have all raised our families, fucked our wives silly, what else is there to do? I tell you what! Meet up whenever possible and blow each others dick, that’s what. I want to find an older gentleman, who would let me come over when I could for nothing but hot . I have always adored dicks regardless of size. You see, when you are as fascinated as I am, size dont matter. I suppose a quickie would work, but I would love to curl up and lick, lick, lick. Head to head! This site is proof that men may age, but their dicks remain beautiful. I want to kiss and caress a man’s lips, kiss his neck, blow in his ears, eats his titties, lick his arm pits and generally blow his dick and mind. 

Hot Daddy

5 thoughts on “men may age but their dicks remain beautiful

  1. what the fuck is that thing, a fire hose, if you were a pirate they would call you captain cock leg. well we do have superman, maybe if you put a cape around your cock we can call you super cock, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no” it’s super cock. you can suck your own cock to get it nice and hard, and then go fuck yourself. lucky you” that you will never go without sex. they say you can stand by a river bank take your thing out and touch the other bank and it’s not even hard. your dick is not measured in inches, it has too be feet. i’m sure it’s over two feet. get what i mean. well mr. bulge hope you like the jokes.

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