Black Inches Magazine (ISSN 1084-2462)

Black Inches (ISSN 1084-2462) was a US-based gay pornographic magazine featuring African-American men. Published by Mavety Media alongside magazines such as Mandate, it was established in 1993 and folded in 2009. The photos appearing in the magazine had various sources; some are obtained from companies that produce gay pornographic films (although most layouts depict individual men, rather than simulated “action” scenes). Photographers whose work appeared in Black Inches include Anneli Adolfsson, Ken Kavanagh, Brian Lantelme, and Abednego (formerly associated with The magazine also carried film reviews, erotic stories, cartoons, and advertisements. D. J. Murphy’s Sons Like Me starts with a reference to Black Inches in its first lines: “What the hell is this, Travis?” My mom yelled as she held the Black Inches porno magazine in her hand. Other novels that mention the magazine include John Weir’s What I Did Wrong[3] and Jim Norton’s Happy Ending. Black Inches featured every major gay black porn star in photo shoots and interviews, from Bobby Blake and Tyson Cane to Tiger Tyson, J. C. Carter, and T-Malone. Bobby Blake writes of his relationship with the magazine, “Black Inches was always very supportive of me. They reviewed every film I made, did photo-shoots, interviewed me, and gave me my own column.” Feel free to tell us about your memories of Black Inches below, you can also add your favorite pictures from Black Inches Magazine

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