Dear Mr Cox, There are people who are placed very carefully in this world of insanity. These people are unique. They stand at important junctions, at turning points where they offer direction and choice. They help to open doors and support those that are brave enough to walk forward. They are a hand that guides the uncertain through darkness into a light which may offer fulfilment. You are one of those people and you are Sir, in my humble opinion, unique. I have dreams and fantasies and last night when I spent far too many happy hours moving through the perpetual motion of your website those fantasies were indulged and for a moment they were realised in my mind. Briefly the constraints were released, I could breathe, I was able to ignore the social definitions that I have been trained to obey and to fear, I was able to accept, smile and know, with absolute certainty, that you would understand me, that you would understand my dreams, that you would neither approve nor disapprove, that you would simply allow me to be true, honest and free. So thank you. Thank you for your words, your wisdom, your truth, experience and spirit, your clarity and expression, thank you for having such generosity and for being, quite simply unique. With respect. James

2 thoughts on “I could breathe

  1. We need more of this type of loving of ones self above all. This was great post.

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