More and more young men are embracing the benefits of real male friends, a new study has shown.

Young men are becoming more emotional and intimate, allowing them to achieve a new level of closeness . This means they are more likely to share intimate secrets with their bRomance than their girlfriends. Researchers believe that a decline in homophobia is to thank for the rise of the bRomance. Researchers from the University of Winchester were interested in understanding why lots of young men are socially encouraged to enjoy deep, emotional and physically intimate bRomance. To investigate this, the researchers conducted interviews with 30 heterosexual men studying sports degrees at university. The study aimed to examine what the men understood bromances to be, to what extent they privileged the relationship, and how they were enacted. Participants were asked about their involvement in and openness to secret sharing, emotional intimacy, bed sharing, nudity and kissing other men. An analysis of the results showed that each of the 30 men had had at least one bRomance friend at some point in time. The men were unanimous in describing what the bRomance entailed, and how it positively impacted their lives. They agreed that deep emotional disclosure is essential in bRomance. Many of the men surveyed noted that they could only fully discuss matters such as health issues or sexual desires in complete confidence with their bRomantic friends, and not with family or girlfriends. The results indicate that bRomance have become widespread in university culture, and that men see these relationships as real and not a fantasy, according to the researchers. The team is now urging academics to see bromances as an important factor in the everyday lives of men. Dr Stefan Robinson, lead author of the study, said: ‘They were clear that a bromance offers a deep sense of unburdened disclosure and emotionality based on trust and love. For those dealing with depressive symptoms or social anxieties, bRomances may offer a way forward and a coping strategy.’

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  1. This is such a useful section for men, and young men in particular. I remember during my single sex school days and my years studying, that I was emotionally close to a number of other young people of my own age. These relationships, in certain instances, were amazingly close and highly valued by both myself and others. There was a real emotional gap when I adopted the heteronormative role expected of me resulting in me not losing these friendships but them becoming a lot less close, especially when they became involved in monogamous relationships with women. This is such a brilliantly warm and accepting website, thanks to Seb and all involved.

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