Sept 2022 : Eloi Biosca

My interest in the nude form in video does not only proceed from the values associated with natural living and freedom, which although I hold these values and they are present in my work, do not constitute its principal inspiration. For me, working with the nude form in the video medium satisfies another, stronger need, which is to teach how to see and value the beauty of the male body when it appears completely naked in situations and contexts of daily life and especially when it is in motion. I believe it is important to create sequences in which the contemplation of a nude man moving can generate a strong visual attraction capable of seducing the spectator by the beauty of the images, and that from the aesthetic pleasure these provoke one can, if possible, caress one’s sensuality. 

Eloi Biosca


FRATERNAL MANLY : For libertarian men, adults, independents, adherents of Androphilia (Jack Malebranche) and the ancient Traditions / Viris Alliances.

June 2022 : No Pants Endurance

No Pants Endurance

A Pillar of the Nudist Community, an endurance athlete who documents his travels and experiences with no pants! He also make short films about gender and naturism. To visit his amazing site, dick here.

May 2022 : NightSun


The wonderful masturbator NightSun lies back on a couch to reveal the variety of strokes he employs as he lifts himself into high erotic states.

April 2022

G0YS, with a zero. You may be interested to know that the term “FR0TERNITY” was coined at & was created as a connection & reminder of the Greek connection strongly rumored to exist behind the g0ys men’s movement. Curt

March 2022

Scott Redleter : When it comes men who have supported our site, no one has been around longer than Scott. We are eternally grateful for his cunt, inued support. We love his porn art philosophy. Please visit his HaPenis Site

February 2022 : Taoist Secrets of Love

Janurary 2022

REUNITING THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE Thoughts and concepts regarding men’s place in the universe, and how we can celebrate the unique gifts of our masculinity our way, in a physical dimension. Based loosely on traditions from ancient times that have been hidden from the masses by body shaming institutions of modern civilization.

November 2021

man nude in east london brick lane

MASCULAR Studio is an international photography collective, whose photographers have years of experience photographing men at their best. “We enjoy looking at men, know what to look for in a photograph and enjoy picturing you at your best. How you choose to define masculinity is entirely your business – but we fundamentally believe that within every man there exists a unique masculine identity and our job is to capture that”.

October 2021

Beyond The Pale is literally bursting with KnoBledge. It offers “AN INTRODUCTION” to Sexual Self-Determination.

BroSites of The Month October 2021.

Beyond The Pale

September 2021


Curated male fashion & art photography.

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