Create Yourself

Stay positive, stay productive, and stay the course. We all only get one life, a piece, you create yourself, lets get it. A Non Mr Cox sir, Such a wise post, to have […]

Lust 4 Cock

I’m mid 50’s now, and for 30 years I’ve lived with the same situation. Real lust for cock – suck it, deep throat it, take it in the bum. I want all of […]

One True God

A rather Cocky Catholic Priest writing on the blog enhanced masculinity says “Cock is good. There is no evil in Cock. Cock does take you up into heights, powers, communion and ecstasy that […]

Saunas 4 Life

Scientists have found that the dry heat of a sauna can actually prolong life for middle-aged men, cutting their risk of a heart attack by up to 63 per cent. The authors from University […]

The Sons of God

“Of all the creations of the Almighty, there is none more beautiful, none more inspiring than the lovely son of God who walks in virtue with an understanding of why he should do […]

The Spirit of Frej

Sucking Cock and doing it well is an artform. A talent that I got to experience the other day. I met a guy on a gay hookup app. A vision of rugged masculine […]

A Sucking Tutorial

I couldn’t agree more. I’m most alive with a cock in my mouth pleasing another man. I don’t touch myself except for a bit of nipple play on myself because my hands are […]

Sexy Transmutations

This is so highly individual that there is no way to apply some instruction manual and then just magically be successful in life. If abstaining from masturbation would be enough the be great […]


I try like to spend an hour every day sitting in the park watching young men, looking after their dogs. I think how a man treats his dog, is a really good indicator […]

Affection & Gasoline

Homosexuality is a condition, and like all average things, it has advantages and disadvantages. Obvious disadvantages are that it keeps you from reproducing your own image, if that’s biologically important anymore; and it […]

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

The expression “Rock Out With Your Cock Out” came from the title of the 1992 Album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Rock Out With Your Cock Out”. Loud thumping rock music for […]

True Art

True Art Awakens The Extraordinary Ovation. True porn Awakens The Extraordinary Elation Mr Cox Quotes

A Sucking Disgrace

I am not a label I am not a sin, I am the soul that lives within. Join me and feel The delights. Of being a sucking Disgrace. i will show you something […]

Seth’s Massage

I love getting my mouth close to a man’s body when I’m massaging his body. It’s always a very erotic experience. My hot breath glancing off his body as I explore and stimulate […]

Mystical Communion

Getting older (early fifties) has not meant that the experience of sexuality, passion and desire has dissipated and petered out. On the contrary, advancing age has brought unexpected insights and surprises; new personal […]

A Meditation of Authenticity

Get Naked, be the real you. Take off your clothes. Take off your mask. Drop all pretense. Strip the amour off you body, piece by piece. Have the courage to be completely naked, […]

The Ambrosia

This is a message to all men out there who dream about sucking cock. You have the longing, but haven’t acted on it. For whatever reason, you hold back. That’s your business. I’m […]