Free Willy

I am a middle aged gentleman with a big pair of balls and a rather thick cock. At least once a week, I like to put on my really heavy cock ring and […]

Let Your Cock Breathe

We are taught as men to wear very tight underwear and jeans or pants that hide our cock and bollocks. A study conducted by *Dr Rima Dada has revealed that the sperm count […]

Visible Penis Line

Visible Penis Line is most likely to occur when a bloke is freeballing so that his package shows especially if you can see the outline of his corona. Related Coxology6 reasons i am […]

Freeballing London

28 year old sexy builder freeballing in Central London clearly showing his big almighty member Feel Free to Add Your Freeballing Video Below Related CoxologyMy first hairy hung daddySexual Identity?50% OF EVERYTHINGWhat Is […]

Cops & Robbers

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Swing Low

Oh yes. You are a poet Mr Cox. A good outing in grey sweats banging around in the cold winter air sans undies feeballing is the most healthy thing. Cock needs air and […]