The first use of the word “woof!” as a term of sexual enthusiasm was by Lord Flashheart in the BBC comedy series Blackadder in 1986. Since then “Woof” has evolved into a word that […]


I too stopped using deodorant and soap a few years ago, just shower twice a week, and have never smelled better. And I don’t just mean I like my smell (which I do) but […]

Men’s Nipples

It’s a pity that so many men are unaware of the potential for sensuous pleasure that exists in their nipples, and in those of other guys. The sense of intimate communion that’s brought about […]

21% Str8 Men Wank 2 Gay Porn

A study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour spoke with 821 guys about what they wank off to. No surprising that 98.3% of gay men admitted to watching gay porn in the last month, […]

Bigger Dick = Less Need to Workout

I agree with the study & I want to add my own idea’s from my own “experiments” It seems to me that it’s accurate about gay men’s feelings about their penis size in relation […]

When I’m Edging

When I’m edging, I usually let my spunk come all the way up to the tip of my meatus, but stopping the cumming”, and letting the cum go back down, where it was coming […]

The Miracle

My harry shishna (tantric cock) is wonderful, it automatically slides back in your mouth on your pull back, you tighten up as it massages your tonsils and on the down stroke gives you suck a […]

My penis & me – #1-100

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Self Tantric Male Massage

1. Activation of Energy Centers Your body contains seven special energy centers, usually called “chakras” in tantric literature. Start your session with a gentle massage of each zone. Start at your perineum. Then move […]

Horny Hung Daddy Dave

I’m a horny hung daddy. My big hard cock needs it daily. Who am I to deny it worship. When I’m not worshiping it someone else is. I edge it for hours and then […]

The Hairy Chest Art Gallery

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House of God

Sex with another man is about an intention of excellence, and an eventual feeling of spiritual calmness. Sexually I am on fire. I am amazed at how much pleasure my body, mind and soul […]

very good looking and hung

Mr Cox, I am in my early forties,very good looking and hung. I just want to get laid without all of the hassles that you encounter when pursuing women. Kind of tired of women […]

The Hirsute Hirsutus

Hirsute has nearly the same spelling and exactly the same meaning as its Latin parent, hirsutus. The word isn’t quite one of a kind, though; it has four close relatives: hirsutism and hirsuties, synonymous […]

The Cocks Of God

“The Cocks of God have secrets to tell you Don’t go back to sleep! You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep!   Related CoxologyMexican TemazcalesJourney into Yourself?The Carpenter […]

make love to ourselves…

“Whenever we manage to make love to ourselves without expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven.” Related Coxology21% Str8 Men Wank 2 Gay PornYour Sex Life is Not Cheap PornMost Men Masturbate for […]

My first hairy hung daddy

I find older men to be more lustful for younger guys and being older makes them more likely to be dominate/top. My first real encounter was with a hung daddy who I had sex […]

naked men appeal more to males

Naked men appeal to males just as much as females – and cause them to take more financial risks if used in ads, study finds. The study showed images of men and women in […]

Hairy Chests To Awaken Your HaPenis WOOF!

I’m extremely hairy. It pretty much connects from the top of my head to my toes with a nice upper body sweater/track jacket type of thing. Jake Arrieta Related Coxologycock happy ?Self Tantric Male […]

Desire God?

Someone said: “A man came who wanted to see you. He kept saying, ‘I wish I could have seen the Master.” He does not see the Master at this moment because in truth the […]