Bisexual professional rugby player Colby Jansen was asked in a recent interview asked about the difference between sex with a man and a woman. I think the interviewer may have got a bit more detail than he was intending. Sex between two guys is a lot more intense for me as far as physicality.  When I’m with a woman, it’s me that is bringing all the power to the table. When it’s me and another guy, he’s bringing an equal (or close to equal) amount of physicality to it. Guys tend to be much more open in bed and less riddled with body image hangups  or insecurities than women. Also, guys don’t care about getting sheets dirty!. As far as me bottoming, it is something that I have done in the past when I was sort of feeling out what I liked and didn’t. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but more that I really like giving it much more than getting it. My favorite thing about being with a guy sexually is having him submit his ass to me, bent over on his knees so I can slam him as hard and as long as I want. There’s something about dominating another guy in that position that just gets me going, it’s just an incredibly masculine feeling.

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