From the incredible art of Fabián Cháirez, a Mexican artist whose work explores alternative representations of masculinity. In 2019, he caused controversy for a work of the revolutionary Fabian Chairez, a stereotype of Mexican masculinity, naked, wearing a pink hat, a tricolor band, high heels and riding a horse that has an erection. The theme of Cháirez’s work revolves around the male body and the LGBT world, especially a body that breaks away from the stereotypes or archetypes of Mexican virility. This is because he tries to respond to the hostile environment of sexual diversity. He uses the Mexican archetype, such as the wrestlers , the charros , the Mara Salvatrucha, etc., showing these characters in suggestive and eroticized postures. Please support the artist, You can buy the artist work on his site.

Fabián Cháirez

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