Hey Seb, I’m Stephen and I’m in NZ, I have been on and off your website HaPenis because I am an unashamed penis lover, owner and a constant wanker, an average male oriented man. I have to say there are so many issues, thoughts and of course, sexy as fuck images of really manly men that I am particularly into.  Well done, I think the site has a “nothing binary about having a penis” attitude that even straight fuckas can get into.  All men have prostates too and can learn enjoyment in there too.  All up the short story is I haven’t cum across anything as diverse and good. What I am hoping for is to know that you are still current, a lot of the masturbation stuff I’ve been looking at seems to be from 2015. Since I’m such a wanker I want to specialise in every way I can, my man deserves no less.  There were some lingam massage videos I think I saw, but can’t find again.  There are courses but obviously I am ruled out of those.  If there is some way that I can access tuition for self lingam applications I will be forever orgasmically grateful. In an unrelated but similar vein, I had a fantastic session this afternoon, spurred on by your flaccid massage technique?  I have previously used a capsule of hemp oil (for internal consumption) and massaging this into my flaccid shaft, it’s very good for skin.  The key is to move slowly, but unfortunately a flaccid massage quickly becomes a very slow hard shaft massage.  The amount of precum dribbling then turns it into a glans slide and under control, into a slow wank. Starting like this and being present to the sensations, edging with control, I had a fucking blissful length of self loving time.  I flicked to a pic of a man I just had to have and blew long hard high and wet….. the ecstasy continued, convulsing in pleasure and then later with my beautifully glowing penis half hard and a slick hand, I was massaging and thrashing some more!  Fuck that was a good one. Too much detail perhaps, but you can see I am in pursuit of more that I can learn about the art of having a penis.  Hoping that you can help.

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  1. Hey Cameron, that is a good view….
    If you are here in NZ I definitely want to talk cock, and more, I want some men to get a group together to do exactly that and cum together. You up for it?
    If you’re not, then daily masturbating is something we should talk about. Also those days on the weekend when you you masturbate 4 or 5 times… maybe that was just all day……..!

    1. .

      Not in NZ; UK but would love a regular chat about cock. I’m getting hard thinking about it and all the men’s cock I secretly think about through the day; off to masturbate and look at all the lovely tempting cocks on this website.

    2. Stephen

      Like you I am a huge wanker and today, since my first early morning wank session, I have masturbated 4 times whilst looking at cock. I just love it, looking at cock, smelling my own manliness, getting hard, slowly masturbating, turning to a silent frenzy and the ecstasy of inevitable ejaculation.

      1. Hey Cameron, I seem to have missed some posts on this. I’d loved to talk cock with you man, how do we do this? I’m naked and hard right now by the way……… prob that foreskin and smile on your glans tip eh………?!

  2. Hey Bob, we should talk. I would love to see NZ men of all kinds worshiping the penis instead of hiding it.
    The 2 pics next to my signature in the text, are indeed my own kiwi cock, flaccid and turgid, coming at ya!
    Good to know I’m not the only kiwi here.

  3. Thanx Mr Cox. That should help me extend my techniques in self pleasure.
    I guess for many men at the moment an online resource and the do-it-yourself penis techniques are essential.
    Cheers, S

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    Hello Stephen, great to hear from you. Thank You for your encouraging words, they mean a lot. We had being running the cock massage classes in London right up until the lockdown in March 2020, and we are hoping to resume them again latter in the Year. Our Most popular class has always been the A-Z of penis Massage, which features 26 amazing manhood techniques. It’s very easy to learn because it’s alphabetical. So the A is the Anointing and Awakening, the B is the breathe Blessing, while the C is the cock around the clock technique. We will be making this class available as a video latter this year in the hope that it will inspire other men to start their own HaPenis Massage Project. It’s easy to do. You set a few guidelines for men attending. You begin by showing men the video, and have a discussion about the techniques, and then then the men have an opportunity to both give and receive the massage with their choose partner. There are a huge amount of resources already available on the internet. Just go to pornhub or similar sites and search for “lingam Massage techniques”. Good luck with your HaPenis Project. It would be great to see something like this in NZ.

    HaPenis New Year,

    Mr Cox

    1. Yes. It would be great to see this in NZ and I hope someone posts photos of throbbing kiwi cock all greased up and smooth as a well worn polished knob.

      1. Hey Bob, we should talk. It would be amazing to establish penis worship here rather than hiding them.
        That is my cock, the flaccid hairy one and the turgid snake about to bite you next to my sign off. I polish my kiwi knob a couple of times a day….. and I’m looking for some men who are keen for a jack session together. If you want to grease up our cocks together and see what we are capable of doing together, instead of singular wanking, then we should definitely talk.

          1. You are losing me bob, I’m meaning that gay gays have cocks and straight guys have cocks and every body in between and outside that can still get into our cockcspace… so I’m expecting that anybody that wants to can get into the space us guys inhabit which for me is totally cock oriented. Massage, masturbate, looking at, cockteasing, etc etc just has to be fun.

            I’m really interested in penis massage thanks to Seb and want to find guys happy to get into the same. I’m gonna practice on myself until I find men who wants to do the same.

        1. .

          Gents I would love to talk cock and worship it; here’s my example pre daily masturbation.

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