There are different formulae and different strengths. It depends which country you are in, because different countries have different laws around importation, sales, etc. Generally, “Jungle Juice”, manufactured in Canada, seems to be the internationally recognised forerunner. There are several types of Jungle Juice. You want to look for one which is “triple distilled”, eg Jungle Juice Gold. Another great brand is “English”, white label. The more refined, the subtler the lift-off and let-down. Good poppers smell sweet, or hardly smell at all. Experiment with a small inhalation at first. If in doubt about the quality of what you’re buying, speak to your friendly assistant behind the counter in your favourite sex shop. As with most things, the more expensive brands are the smoothest. Poppers are volatile, so best kept in the fridge. Be very careful not to get any on your skin, eg around your nostrils, as they will burn you. If you accidentally get any on your skin, quickly wipe it away with saliva, or water. As I have noted before, do not mix with erectile enhancement medication, as this can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure. Other than that, they’re considered harmless. Final word of advice: poppers have the desired effect when you’re already aroused. They’re for enhancing sex, not starting it. Get hard and horny before you open the bottle. Use poppers as an adjunct. Happy exploration! Andy

Transcendental Poppers?

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2 thoughts on “How To Sniff Poppers

  1. The best way is to sniff two bottles at the same time, inhaling strong and deep. This will lead to blocking all else out of the head, and focusing solely on pleasuring the Man’s cock. The oral bottom will know it’s place , and thinking of his own true purpose, which is to service Men.

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