When a man ejaculates, the message is sent from his spinal cord, not his brain, which explains his amazing facial expressions during ejaculation.

It is easy in a man’s face to see when his bullocks are about to send forth their juices. A red Indian, they say, can preserve his features when being tortured. I doubt if he could when spending. A man’s face then is rather stupid, nor is that of a woman’s, as she is holding tightly to her, fucker’s. backside for the full engulfment of his throbbing cock in her cunt, highly intellectual; but it’s much more lovely than that of a man’s face.  From My Secret Life By Walters

From My Secret Life By Walters

“A man’s face is his autobiography” Oscar Wilde

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    since y’all have one of my batepics already, here’s another of me with my hard donger maXXXed out in Cedartown Georgia USA.

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      hell yeah, I’m Evan Howard Ledford in Cedartown Georgia USA, and I love showing off my hard knob in public!

  2. I live for Cum. I Swallow it whenever I’m given the chance. I have never turned down drinking a Male’s Semen nor have I ever wasted it.

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