A report published in Clinical Anatomy Volume 31 describes a man who had so many prostate orgasms that he had trouble stopping. R.J. Levin of the University of Sheffield wrote about the anonymous 63-year-old subject who had a high sex drive. The otherwise healthy man developed a urinary tract infection, so he bought a butt plug to massage his prostate. He was also taking tadalafil (Cialis), which is known for treating erectile dysfunction but has also been shown to relieve the symptoms of infections in the lower urinary tract, including enlargement of the prostate gland. His symptoms from the infection went away, but not before he experienced a prostate orgasm that he said he felt everywhere – his penis, his anus, his pelvis, and his perineum. He stimulating himself frequently, and he had these orgasms so frequently that he apparently rewired his brain to experience them without physical stimulation. This led to a few problems. First, he felt like he was spending too much time each day experiencing these orgasms. Also, he had an old neck injury that was flaring up because his neck would spasm each time he had an orgasm. Even after he tried to go back to regular masturbation, he would experience around ten non-stimulatory orgasms a day. “There have been no published laboratory-conducted investigations of the orgasms induced by prostate stimulation alone,” Levin wrote in the report. He’s hoping this case study will lead to more research on the phenomenon.


I started with prostate massage 11 years ago after I was having prostate problems, I can tell you it was a learning curve. I love to do it. anal massage came later on. I found by turning my Aneros massager & putting it in backward I could have anal orgasms one after another. Now I control what I want to do, I have had a lot of super O’s , I now have sessions that can last for hours, the longer I go on it’s harder to stop unless I climax. I’m now 79 yrs old 5.8 in & 170 pounds and good health. Can’t cum like I used to, what the hell I have a great time. Anyone want to reply more than welcome.


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  1. I’ve had something vaguely similar to what the medical report reads. In my 20s I bought my first dildo. It was very large and realistic looking, with skin texture, veins and a well defined head.
    Naturally after I got it, spent the next few days fucking myself to the most amazing cumshots.
    But on the third day I woke up and my prostate felt weird, and I had trouble peeing, much like the symptoms of enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with benign, slightly enlarged prostate. Was told it might fix itself on its own, which it did after about a week. The interesting part about it, is that my whole pelvic region felt like you do when you’ve just cum, when you are in the beginning of building up yo cum. A very pleasant feeling that was there all the time. Made me extremely horny, and for that week I had much trouble concentrating on my job or anything else. During the day I would go to the bathroom to masturbate up to 4-5 times. And the orgasms were incredible and felt like they were “all over the place”, not just my cock and perineum.

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