Daddy is by far the best Handyman in town. I have used many others in the past and Daddy not only does a superb job, he gets the job done right the first time. He works hard and fast. He is a pleasure to have around naked, always a breath of fresh air and always in a good mood. My husband and I feel so lucky!

7 thoughts on “Daddy Can Fix It

  1. Men have discovered that men are a sexual wonders .. !!! u do not need to reciprocate if you don’t like , nor make the casul partner come , can let a handy guy fix your tool as often as you can in different ways positions , it is free , can happens everywhere, the work is done with pleasure and devotion .. and professional skill , a man do not make fuss .. because they never have sulky days …
    The perfection for when we need to have sex
    Str8 or gays or bi always welcome
    So why not !!
    The world has changed !!

  2. I’m a new subscriber and follower of the site.
    I loved reading this post, and photos of the bear you’ve just shown us are to be worshipped.

    I didn’t have any treats to trick on Halloween in America, so I’m now an American dom to my English sub (I mean treat), as an early Christmas present!

    I’m reeking of a chestnut on an open fire…….

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