Operation Cowboy. Rare Vintage Male Nudes Gallery 5. Does anyone know anything about the featured images, the naked bareback riders?

11 thoughts on “Operation Cowboy

  1. This used to be a regular event in Spain. There was a photo in James Michener’s book “Iberia” of a spectacular nude young man riding a white stallion into a river for a communal bath. I beat off to that photo for years.

    1. Hi Chas

      Saw the photo you mean. Beautiful naked boy riding a bull-fighting stallion after his afternoon bath. Gorgeous.

      But not related to the scene in Mr. Cox’s photo.


      1. Yes! He’s even more handsome than I remember. The horse is gorgeous, too. I must have been fifteen when that book came out. Perfect age!

  2. I immediately thought this scene came from a movie called “Caligula”, produced by Penthouse magazine, in the 1970’s or 80’s. It’s quite a spectacular if you haven’t seen it!

  3. From my experiences of riding horses, it is bloody uncomfortable, my nuts crushed every bounce unless I wear close fitting underwear to keep them out the way

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