The answer in many respects depends on what we mean by homosexuality. Do we limit ourselves only to sexual acts between members of the same sex and leave out romantic affection? Do we distinguish between those men who occasionally have sex with other men but otherwise live heterosexual lives, and those for whom their sexual preference forms the core of their identity? Do we consider same-sex intercourse that occurs in the course of a subterfuge, or as a result of frustration or desperation? And do we include liaisons involving those who consider themselves neither male nor female (for example, hijras)? Definitions are important because ‘homosexuality’ does not connote the same thing to all people. Besides, the meaning has changed over time. As has the meaning of heterosexuality.

From Homosexuality in Ancient India by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

2 thoughts on “HaPenis in India?

  1. There’s also what you do. A lot of cultures think of bottoming as effeminate or at a bare minimum deviant. While guys like me who prefer to just jerk off or sword fight or rub off on another guy aren’t seen as unusual in the slightest.

    This is actually pretty funny. Here in the States, one of our candidates for president this year is openly gay. Problem? He’s the embodiment of every “no chocolate, no rice” Grindr profile. So this is the new issue.

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