Hi Seb, Great to see you are going to Bicon, I look forward to meeting you. and seeing what you get up to. I sometimes fantasize about running a workshop there called “Discover your inner slut”. It is for shy people like me to come out of our shell, but I won’t run it because I am too shy! The odd thing is; any workshop that has a title which implies sexual daring is always very well attended! However as you probably know yourself it takes time to build up trust between a group of people who do not know each other, even more so in a mixed sex group. What I like about your website is the way it combines dirty minded sluttishness with a genuine concern for others who are denied a full sex life. I am glad that you like porn for example. In the 1980s I felt a sense of shame about this for myself, even today it is not something I like to publicise. It is a shame that women do not share the stimulation that men get from it. And yet the 1980s feminists who hated porn – and often men too – had a point. There is a lot of aweful porn around.But they were wrong when they say it is a sign of men wanting to rape. In my case, I am turned on by ecstacy, not exploitation. There are few sights more joyful than seeing a man with a painfully rock hard erection, and 2 tongues teasingly dancing around it’s tip to make it even harder still, and looking at his face and trying to imagine how he feels…And it is interesting that you, who must have had sex many thousand times more than I have, still enjoy looking at it as well…(G.P.)

4 thoughts on “Discover Your Inner Slut

  1. What is some advice you can give me for discovering my inner slut? I want to be on camera too.

  2. I think relaxing is the best way to keep it legnor. it is easily observed that when u are wanking, and you force ur body to cumm all the musles around your bum and your thighs are instinctively flexed. therefore, relaxing these muscles will keep u legnorIn addidion the other way to keep legnor is stoping for while, say 5 seconds, take the snake out of the hole, shake it, hit it on the bum, listen to sound and deep breath (as well as give a short break to your partner before starting a new journey, new hardcore ) it will getting harder without flexing any muscle.References :

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