Greetings from Australia. At 68, I am a confessed “Dirty Old Man”! Since my youth I have been fascinated by the bulges in men’s pants. By the time I was 18 finally managed to see what was hidden in mature men’s pants, and have been a cock and ball lover ever since then and still only attracted to mature (45-75) men. While cocks are “A Glorious gift from Heaven”, those stupendous delicious gonads, are so much neglected. By the time I was 21, was totally free from any inhibition, and explored all forms of m/m (and the occasional m/f sex). That included the whole spectrum of “Sex“!  S & M, C/P W/S, FF, while in the S/M field especially fascinated by CBT, personally I would call it CB Pleasure! Lowhangers, are spectacular, to lick, suck and chew! Although mine were always to sensitive,it is a joy for me to see so called “Abused” balls. I corresponded for a while with George here in Sydney. To find your site was/is a delight, I have a friend that is very much into the A.C. rituals, but never really explained it fully to me, and what I know is through “Sensational Press” etc. My Army time, in The Netherlands, as I am Dutch born, “Cured” me of religion, but that is an other story. No matter that I was 100% celebate in that period, I came out a “Free Man”, and as I said,explored all facets of sexuality.Cheers! John B-T.

10 thoughts on “Self Confessed Dirty Old Man

    1. Hi Edgar, what a gorgeous cock you have there. I’d love to frott with you and watch you empty those balls all over my cock.

  1. At last a real bloke with typical Aussie frankness has opened up to long practised mature male attraction. I too am an Aussie or as it is now written Ozzie, and have seduced literally thousands over the years when the beats were laden with blokes just wanting a quick blow job. At the top of your age range but still very active. am in Central Vic should you want to meet. Tom

  2. I just love men and being fascinated by wanting to be in there sucking them and whatever else they wanted me to do with them was like no problem, they are my greatest weakness overall. I have a hard time telling a man no if he wants to have sex of any kind and I just went with it and loved it all the time. I’d suck any man right now and wouldn’t think twice about it or what ever else we did just for his cock and cum. Furry men or with facile hair I’ll do faster and take more time with them for they are great lovers and partners for sex ever I’ve found.

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