The Dream is the theatre where the dreamer is simultaneously the scene, actor, promoter, stage manager, author, audience and critic. The Dream opens the doors into the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul. It is the primeval cosmic night that was so long before there was a conscious ego and will be so far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach. Your rite of passage may take you not only into dark, but also light. It may take you on a super-human, spiritual and in a classical sense, divine experience. This ancient hand-on celebration promotes better health and vitality by allowing massage that induces a state of deep erotic relaxation and calmness as it alters one’s touch and help your connect with other worlds of inner wisdom. Your touch will become so focused that you will feel a sense of performing miracles. These techniques are easy to learn and you can practice them throughout the workshop. No previous experience is necessary. Do you dare to live the dream?

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