If you’re not circumcised, and your foreskin is too tight when you get hard, there are other options to circumcision as a way to relieve that condition: you can manually stretch your foreskin with the help of some hand cream, to help you soften it and slowly stretch it out with your fingers, and you can pull down on it gently, so as to force it to stretch out as you force it down your glans, letting pain be your guide. Just pull down on your foreskin slowly, increasingly more each time as it gets used to the wider girth as you force it down your glans, hard and/or limp. Also, you can tell your urologist to perform a ventral slit of your prepuce instead of circumcising it — that way your foreskin will open wider over your glans, whilst not losing it (as in the case of circumcision) as a result of the surgical procedure (which has been documented as an effective technique by the American Urology Association — google it, and you’ll see!). There’s no need to lose your foreskin it it’s too tight, given that it does have a specific protective function for the glans. It can simply be opened up by a ventral slit with an electric cautery scalpel. It’s an outpatient procedure that involves less cutting than circumcision. Talk to your urologist about it, and don’t lose your foreskin needlessly!. Javier Luis y Prado


Hey, Whatz up I have a uncut penis and i was thinking about getting cut simply because it cannot pullback because it is tight. So what do u think i should do?
Phimosis, or preputial stenosis, refers to any condition where the foreskin of your cock cannot be retracted. It is usually caused by failure of foreskin to loosen during growth, but occassionally by infections, deformities caused by trauma and diseases of the genitals. It is normally a painless condition but it can lead to infections as it can be difficult to clean under the foreskin effectively.A very tight foreskin can be painfull during fucking , oral sex and sometimes even when pissing.


Paraphimosis is when you cannot pull back your foreskin into position over the head of your cock. It can cause pain, swelling of the head of your cock and the foreskin. It may cause restricted blood flow, causing the head of your cock to become dark purple in color. If this should occur emergency treatment is required.

Many British doctors believe that circumcision is the only solution to these problems. It is not and, I think that many unnecessary circumcisions are performed.

Treatment of Phimosis

Tropical creams, steroidal and non steroidal, applied to your foreskin, gradual stretching of the opening of your foreskin to widen it. As a very last resort, surgical reshaping of your forerskin to make it wider. These treatments tend to avoid the trauma and pain associated with surgical circumcision.

Treatment of Paraphimosis

If the foreskin cannot be pulled back into place treatment should be sought. If the blood flow to the penis is restricted then emergency treatment is required and if the foreskin cannot be pulled back a surgical cut to the trapped foreskin may be required. Failure to seek treatment can result in permanent damage to the penis.

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  1. Sad that there’s operation to help men with tight foreskin but not a single operation to truly repair circumcision!!!

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