IT’S FLEET WEEK IN PORTLAND, which means thousands of robust sailors will be taking a well-earned shore leave in the friendly City of Roses. However, some of them may find Portland a little too friendly. Through no fault of their own, many of these innocent, strapping young sea men will become the victims of sexual harassment. This harassment will come in many forms: the drunken, feisty bachelorette with the braying laugh playing grab-ass in a crowded tavern. A bored housewife luring the lost, wandering sailor into her boudoir while her unsuspecting, impotent husband putters away on the golf links. It could be as innocent as the repetitive catcall of “Hellooooooo, SAILOR, or a gay motorcycle gang chaining the muscled seafarer to a wall, and taking turns licking his nipples. Any way you look at it, it’s WRONG. This Fleet Week, try to remember that beneath those dress whites, there is an employee of the United States Navy-and a man who is risking his life for you everyday. So when you see him on the street, think twice before you give him a “wolf whistle,” or ask him to take his shirt off, or knead his taut buttocks, or run your tongue around the inside of his lips. He’s more than just a big, hot member. He’s a big, hot member of the Navy.

Paid for by the United States Navy, and SAASH (Saviours Attempting to Avoid Sexual Harassment)

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