NUDE MEN OVER 50 PROJECT : Edition 6. Here at CUMM UK we want to challenge stereotypical beliefs about the beauty of nude mature masculinity. Click any photo to begin! Edition 6 feature the Gorgeous Gise, our Daddy of the Month and over 50 men over 50 nude.

28 thoughts on “50+ : Edition 6

  1. I’m over 50, and for all my life I’ve been ashamed of my small dick, and fat that has always been in the mons pubis region. I love the site, but huge dicks turn me off, there I’ve said it!

    Where are the normal sized guys?

    While we’re at it, just graphic shots don’t do it for me either, I love to watch a guy undress slowly, either alone or together. I must be an old romantic at heart, I love tenderness in masculinity.

    Can we have some vids that don’t just cut to fucking? Just my request.

    1. Looking good buddy! Glad you decided to take off the mask and let it all hang out!

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