There should be a Brotherhood of Pleasure in every town and city. A haven where men can connect with other men on a spiritual as well as physical level. Because the two are linked, and so the needs are linked as well. But most religious institutions tend to focus on the spiritual, and attempt to supress the physical, resulting in sexual frustration, dysfunction, and unHaPenis. Men’s cocks shrivel and their prostates go bad.

So… Brothers, take care of yourselves, and take care of each other. Love one another, Lust one another. In the name of Pan, Priapus, Frej, Xochipilli, Min, Yúcahu, Shinda, or whatever sex deity you turn to, let it be so!
Remember, Love is eternal, but Lust is only fleeting – so lets have it as long and often as we can.

Have a happy, erect, veiny, throbbing 2022, my Brothers.


I agree. Every town should have a brotherhood of cock lovers. Some group meetings where we could discuss our love to cock. Share ideas, masturbate together and yes if we feel have sex with each other. Nothing crazy or drug fuelled, just very relaxed time with our like minded brothers.


A place where men can gather in the sense of the brotherhood, as it naturally exists. The brotherhood is of times suppressed in society, that isn’t natural. Men understand each other as only men are able, and must be allowed this male bonding. This is how armies are made, and wars are won, based on the natural bond amongst men. Spiritually, and physically.

Dave Briegel

8 thoughts on “How Wars Are Won

  1. Yeah, it will be great to a have space to be free as man are made to be , to explore the sexual nature of human soul , bond with those who share the same passion . A place to be open about ones love for masturbation

  2. For some reason I don’t see any of the comments on the website only in my emails.
    Someone was saying that we can just go to a sauna and that will be the same. It’s not really. We can go to a sauna and have sex with many guys but that’s mostly quiet and quick. Many times you don’t even see properly who is the other guy. With the brotherhood it would be different. More like a socialising club where we could talk as well while naked. Exchanging ideas about masturbation and sex. Maybe have a leader who could guide us. This would be more like cock admiration free from drugs and all sorts of weird behaviour.

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