I am blindfolded, undressed. I am told to lay down I feel hands over my naked body and the cool oil poured over me. They start to tease my taint and I begin to get rock hard as pressure is applied. We work up to the balls a slight tug and then onto the shaft. A little tease of the head before I feel the grasp of the hand, the pressure and motion builds. Then it stops leaving me wanting more.


I love to play with myself and can enjoy intense orgasms without ejaculation. I would love to exchange penis and full body massages with other men. Being blindfolded I flow to another world when being caressed. Rising from one climax to another. Load breathing and moaning. Taking breaks. Lost in space and time. Full love and bliss. My dick is long and thick. The head is covered with a foreskin which has a very generous overhang. In terms of massage, it is important to work with the foreskin before exposing the dickhead. Edging is fantastic and sends me wild. Source

I like it nice and slow to edge a few times with long strides from the balls up to the head and back again, applying very little pressure each time. I also enjoy my frenulum being rubbed with thumbs as it makes me focus only on what that sensation felt like, without the massage person touching any other part of me. Until I shoot my big load all over myself. Source

with care, and with loving touches. stroked gently then switching to a nice tight grip. Rubbing my cockhead with a fingertip swirling my precum around the tip. Touching my manhood from my balls all the way up my shaft – every inch stroked and caressed with one hand or two or even three or four. the more touching the better my manhood feels.


Have you ever exchanged blindfolded penis and full body massages with other men?

4 thoughts on “Blindfolded 4 Penis Massages

  1. I wish I was blindfolded like you and tied up I’ll be back to my camp I have the freedom

  2. Impressive pics so much quality on offer were would you like to begin maybe be greedy and give full attention to one and all , yeah that makes so much sense let’s try all and be memorable,

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