I couldn’t agree more. I’m most alive with a cock in my mouth pleasing another man. I don’t touch myself except for a bit of nipple play on myself because my hands are free and my mouth and throat are full. I’m hyper-focused on the man’s cock, his balls, his nipples, his ass… wherever he needs my mouth. As soon as I have a penis in my mouth I get rock hard and start to drip. It is my pleasure to pleasure a man’s cock. Here’s a link to my slutty website


Wow! I am sitting here with a huge hard-on in my pants, having just “dropping in” on this website! I love to suck cock and consider myself an EXPERT cocksucker because when I perform oral sex, it is for your’ pleasure and I will do it exactly like you want me to. For example, myself- I like to be teased by licking the head and then the shaft and my balls licked(very gently) until the point that you can tell my orgasm is building. Then, I want to face fuck with a helping hand jerking my cock and pulling all the cum out of my whole body!!! I love doing this to a partner and having their cum fill my mouth and overflow out down along their softening cock. I also like to suck older guys cocks that cannot attain full erections because then I can truly get their whole cock in my mouth. Just applying the right amount of lip pressure and they can still shoot quite a nice load for your efforts! They are also grateful and perform wonderful blow jobs in return!! Oh, I really need a blowjob now and I would really like to suck some cock right now!! write me when you are in NY!

19 thoughts on “A Sucking Tutorial

  1. Sucking Cock and doing it well is an artform. A talent that I got to experience the other day.
    I met a guy on a gay hookup app. A vision of rugged masculine awesomeness to match my own… an amazing Viking-looking man. I ”woof:ed” him, and he responded immediately. We chatted off and on that whole day, and decided to meet a few days later. There is a jogging trail going through a large forested area of our city, perfect for our needs. We met up at a bus depot, and walked there, talking and joking. But our thoughts were focused on our manhoods. Several times I could see the outline of his cock on his pants, and he was eyeing mine as well.
    We reached the trail and were met by many runners, and so before long we decided to step into the brush, off the beaten path.
    After a while we found an opening, almost as if the trees had parted just for us. Frej was watching over us.
    We fell into each others’ arms and started kissing passionately, almost violently. We were measuring each other’s strength, pushing each other away, punching each other in the chest, growling, panting… teasing the other to grab hold and press up harder… Suddenly I found myself with my back up against a tree. I felt dominated, but got mixed signals when he dropped to his knees and opened up my pants. The winter air was frigid cold against my hard cock, but then he took it deep into his throat. The sudden contrast of cold and the intense heat of his mouth almost made me cum immediately, as if all the plateaus were bypassed. He continued to fuck my cock with his tight hot throat, and it was unlike anything I had felt before. He barely had to move a muscle but I was still building and building. He had also slid his arms under my jacket and shirt reaching to play with my sensitive nipples. I let out loud moans of intense pleasure, warning him over and over that I was about explode if he continued. (Because you always give the warning) He only made approving, muffled little moans in response. I then grabbed the back of his head with both hands and forced myself down his almost magical esophagus as the floodgates opened. And they opened hard! The waves of pleasure were so intense I couldn’t hold back the primal roars. Then and there I embodied the spirit of Frej, pumping his divine Love and my Seed down this Viking’s throat My ecstasy resounded among the trees, and there was no way anybody within a half mile radius didn’t hear me.
    With a purple haze before my eyes, I slid down along the trunk of the tree, completely exhausted, my brain bathing in euphoric chemicals. My Viking rested his head on my chest and snuggled my beard. One white ribbon adorned his beard from my withdrawal mixing with about a pint of his own saliva. I offered him my throat as well, but he declined. We remained there silent in each other’s arms, against the tree trunk another hour or so.
    Scandinavian winter makes for short days and when we got up it was already getting dark. We headed back to the year 2022, towards trail and the bus depot, holding hands. His bus arrived before mine, and we embraced and kissed. Then my beautiful modern Viking was gone. Then my phone chimed. We’re meeting up again soon to share our physical love again. Because it cock worship really is love. Next time I will be the worshipper, and he the God.

    Life is good right now.

  2. I love the look of that big hard cock in main photo a sucking tutorial really nice , would love to feel that throbbing in my mouth taste his pre cum while my cock gets hard as well , enjoying the experience of his man juice inside my mouth , yes I agree there’s nothing better , like Steve wish it happened more

  3. My top tip, is that I cummpletely loose myself sucking penises, hours or days might as well pass, I don’t ever want to stop. The smell of man, the tastes of man pre and then at the best time…. I fucking love the manliness of the whole cocksucking experience, I know chicks do it too but this is from a deeply male place.

  4. The handsome man in the top photo looks like he’s in a blissful meditative state of HaPenis with that ample and impressive manhood resting on his lips. Thank you gentlemen for sharing the beautiful photo of your HaPenis!

    And the video undernieth was surprisingly sexy considering it featured a dildo.

  5. I love sucking on a cock too. I love looking at it first then feel it, smell it and kiss it. I admire cocks. I just wish I had more opportunities to play with them.

    1. Anche a me piace succhiare un cazzo ,sentirlo nella bocca e leccarlo fino alle palle ed infine essere riempito di sperma con successivo ingoio

    2. Steve your cock looks amazing I would love to swallow a hot load from that beauty.

      1. So would I…I LOVE uncut cock…the look, feel & taste of the head when you first skin it back to swallow the head…

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