I couldn’t agree more. I’m most alive with a cock in my mouth pleasing another man. I don’t touch myself except for a bit of nipple play on myself because my hands are free and my mouth and throat are full. I’m hyper-focused on the man’s cock, his balls, his nipples, his ass… wherever he needs my mouth. As soon as I have a penis in my mouth I get rock hard and start to drip. It is my pleasure to pleasure a man’s cock. Here’s a link to my slutty website


Wow! I am sitting here with a huge hard-on in my pants, having just “dropping in” on this website! I love to suck cock and consider myself an EXPERT cocksucker because when I perform oral sex, it is for your’ pleasure and I will do it exactly like you want me to. For example, myself- I like to be teased by licking the head and then the shaft and my balls licked(very gently) until the point that you can tell my orgasm is building. Then, I want to face fuck with a helping hand jerking my cock and pulling all the cum out of my whole body!!! I love doing this to a partner and having their cum fill my mouth and overflow out down along their softening cock. I also like to suck older guys cocks that cannot attain full erections because then I can truly get their whole cock in my mouth. Just applying the right amount of lip pressure and they can still shoot quite a nice load for your efforts! They are also grateful and perform wonderful blow jobs in return!! Oh, I really need a blowjob now and I would really like to suck some cock right now!! write me when you are in NY!

19 thoughts on “A Sucking Tutorial

  1. Scott ~ Thank you for a delightful yet very informative look at the “fine art” of fellatio! Cock sucking is truly an art, and although I have not had the wonderful pleasure of “giving” or “receiving” for some time, I continue to hope that I will be able to enjoy this sexual gift from, or give it to, another man, before I exit this nasty planet. Only time will tell. My abilities are somewhat limited, but where there’s a will there is a way… Again, thank you Scott.

  2. Sexuality should be tought at school at 13 yo .. and taught it raw as it is gay and not
    I just learned on wiki that Foetus sometimes sucks himself inside utero or touch his genitals . To orgasm . so as human being we should stop hypocrisy of innocence

    I learned here with Cumm a lot .. i am BI .. i have done some games and others not , as not suitable for my sexuality . But if i knew when younger i should have avoided some shocks some stupid ideas blinding concept , and lost less time and probably had a better sexual life
    Freedom from wrong known !!!

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