Hey Mr. Cox lol just wanted to let you know that I’m a big fan of your website and what you do all though I know you’re in London. I was wondering if you could help me, though.. As a man you know I jackoff as pretty much all men do but my question is how can I achieve better orgasms and cum a lot more with and without using any products? I figure you might know something about this. If you can respond to me when you can that’ll be great. I’m tired of the same old jacking off I want to feel something different or stronger from it. Thanks! P.S if i were to meet you one day I’d let you pound my tight ass till I cant take it anymore – Jason T.

7 thoughts on “making the sunshine

  1. As usual, I’m cock hungry. I think about it all the time and fantasize about all the big juicy cocks I would love to suck (I have no interest in anal, just cock. I also have a fetish for bulges, in pants, Speedos, jockstraps, everything. I start to drool when I see a man on the street with even a slight bulge.

  2. OMG ! This mature man absolutely makes me melt inside ! He is the daddy I always wanted to come into my bedroom, late at night, gently wake me….then ask ” can I sleep with you tonight, son?”. I would GIVE myself to this man. Over and over. My lips would surround the head and then the thick shaft of his cock. When he at last entered me, my fingers would be all over his hairy back…and I would meet his every thrust with a willingness to have all of him inside me. I would feel his sweaty shoulders and the arch his back would form with every deep thrust, loving the freedom and the intense feeling of being “taken” by this man I love. And he loves me. We would be together many times in the future. As I grow older and much more muscular, he asks me to take him and I do. This “meeting of two bodies” lasts for years and is always kept between us. It will remain that way until each of us has taken our last breath. Thank you Seb, for this site! I am sending you love and hugs across the ocean and the blessing of good health for both you and the ones you love. You are a dear, gentle soul. Sincerely, Lester B.

  3. Just wonder who the older gentleman in the gifs is..? he looks delicious and I would love to find more of that mans work.

    1. Hello His name is god. And if you look in a mirror you will see some more of his work

      1. I hear you and I love the way he touches his cock am slides his hands up his hairy masc + mature bod to rub his nipples… makes me feel sexy just watching

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