Gentle feather like touches around the lower abdomen and inner thighs to get aroused and then apply a pressured touch on the scrotum after a slow movement from the anus to the scrotum continuing up to the shaft using the palms of the hands without grabbing it repeating it a few times, then with both hands touching the thighs a gentle continues strokes from the inner thighs closing on the penis from both sides and lock the hands on it then releasing just enough for both thumbs to reach and massage the area close to the anus and rising up to the scrotum to shaft and gently massaging the glans

HaPenis London

I like my lingam massaged in a sensitive caring manner that is respectful of the fact that there is more to me than the appearance. I’m unique. I want that protected, valued, and acknowledged. I want to do the same for others. Firm, fair, and respectful.

HaPenis London

I like my whole body to be seen as my Manhood, and therefore I can experience very heightened feelings of Kundalini throughout my whole body in an highly aroused and erotic way, extending well beyond ejaculation or just my cock. I want some open minded people to try things out with.

5 thoughts on “Firm Fair & Respectful

  1. Hi Chris
    Your a Hot Guy
    Love a Army Guy
    that Beautiful Hot Cock of Yours, and those Beautiful Balls
    Would love to lick and suck them for you
    Then go up and down on Your Beautiful Hot Cock
    You go to the TOP of my Great Guy List xxxx

    1. Wow! I’m bisexual. I like stroking, masturbate and suck dick. Your cock looks yummy. I don’t like anal sex.

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