I am a heterosexual man. Years ago when I was 28 years old I had my first Homoerotic Experience. I could not determine my feelings toward this guy. At first, I did not know he had the same feelings towards me. He was very handsome and well built as I was. He had made the first move very apprehensively by asking me if I ever thought about having sex with another man, I said maybe. He asked me flat out would I have sex with him. I did not hesitate for a moment and said yes if he wants too. We undressed and proceeded to fondle each other. He was well hung as I expected. His cock was thick and over 9 inches it seemed and very erect. He wanted to fuck my bubble ass. I told him that I was a virgin in that area. That is ok he would be gentle. I got penetrated shortly after that. It felt uncomfortable at first and painful, but the pleasure proceeding after that was amazing. He came inside me and in a few moments, I came. The experience was amazing! have not had sex with another man since.


2 thoughts on “Homoerotic Experience

  1. i had a similar experience my first time with a man. i’d honestly never thought about it before that. i was about 30 at the time married. i was sun bathing in the dunes with no one around so striped off. i’d been there awhile when a older man popped up out of no where i tried to cover up but he said it was ok as he stared to strip and said we all go nude here don’t be embarrassed. we chatted for a while and then move close next to me and started stroking my leg. i don’t know why i never stopped him mush have been the hot sun. then he moved his hand to my cock which had gone hard and i just let him and found myself enjoying it so i started to stroke his cock too and liked that as well. i never did it again till i was in my 50s and came across a guy sauna and started going there. so never say never. by the way i got a hard on reading your story if you would like to try again with a man i’m here

  2. It’s amazing you should get fucked again you deserve the enjoyment and so does any man that fucks you

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