I’m straight, just turned 30, really good looking and built, but recently I’ve discovered a penchant for men. For cock. For getting my lips around one until it explodes in my mouth. I’m so glad other straight men have felt this and feel this. I thought I was the only one. HOW do I find men. What do I need to do in order to get into an atmosphere around other hot men. I’d love to start by having phone sex with a man. That’d be hot. I want to hear him when I get him off over the phone. Bill

penchant : a strong or habitual liking for something.

2 thoughts on “A Penchant 4 Cock

  1. When u see a cock shaft as perfect as the picture what can one do? Try everything!

  2. The man i love……
    Is like a brother a mate .. nice masculine 100% st8 looking virile well built tender at love making .. not a hint of a gay manners but very intimate …
    I had 6 lovers as such 3 were married. , i was lucky …

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