As sunlight is known to have fantastic germicidal and magickal qualities exposing your arsehole to its rays will help keep it healthy. Start by exposing your back to the sun. Bend forward placing your hands above your ankles. Feel the sunlight on your arse, and then feel the heat penetrate into your arse tissues

Seb Cox

I often wonder why it’s so taboo. Your arsehole is a very important and sacred part of your body. You should spend as much time exploring and looking after this part of your body as you do any other part. A healthy arse is an indicator of the health of the rest of your body. You probably remember from your biology lessons at school that the arse is the external opening of the rectum. There are two muscle rings called sphincters surrounding the arse opening. They work independently. If you insert a well lubricated finger about one half-inch inside your arse and then press your finger against the side, you can clearly feel the two sphincter muscles. They are very close to each other. The external sphincter is just like the muscles in your arm. You can control it. It’s easy to tense and relax this sphincter whenever you want. The internal sphincter is different. This muscle is involuntary just like the muscles that make your heart beat. You cannot control it, but gentle massage of this sphincter certainly sends a very pleasurable signal to your brain. How you choose to look after and enjoy your arse is obviously up to you.

Relaxation Exercises  : These exercises can be done while standing, sitting or lying down. Tighten all the muscles around your arse, and pull them in. It should feel like your whole anal area is being pulled in. Hold this position for as long as it feels comfortable. Then relax pushing your arse out as you breathe deeply. Repeat this at least 81 times. it’s all very cock focused?

15 thoughts on “Exposing Your Arsehole

  1. Exposing my arsehole to sunlight and at the same time training my pc muscle make me horny. Then if I add touching my nipples I can nearly cum………

  2. Great article. Now need some heat and sun on my hair arse as well as a finger massaging inside

    1. As you know Seb, I am very keen on getting my butt and sack into the sun. I love a nutt brown taint and and golden set of arse cheeks all year round if possible. As for the inner sanctum of rosebud – in my more discrete moments unmatched by passers by, I do like to open my cheeks by various poses to let the sunshine in. Teh warmth of the sun on your rosebud is a delight and transports me to another world where i feel its rays insert me and warm the very innards of my backslide. Very pleasant. Will take a photo next sunny day…. buttt arse selfies are as tough as a good cock selfie…. butt i will try

      1. Well, I thought a cock selfies was hard – but the arse selfie is a tight squeeze to master. As my arse was itchy today, yearning for some attention, I decided to forego my afternoon downward dog and opted for a Dragon Flag in the buff. With my arse hole pointing directly to the sky and my third eye illuminated by the penetrating warmth of the sun’s rays the very cockles of my soul were stirred by the gentle afternoon sun kissing at my rosebud. When, after a long silent pause and the little garden birds had sung for quite a while, I lowered my body back down to the ground, a good flow of air farted from relaxed sphincters, rushing out of my anal chamber silent and warm. Quiet, rather than an uptight trumpet embouchure, my lips were at peace…..Warm rosebud on a sunny day.

  3. Great article… unless you have a genetic predisposition, illness, or on medication where sunlight is not a good idea… limited sun is good! Just don’t burn!! take it slowly!!

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