Having learnt about and experienced lingam massages before, I enjoy slow and sensual touch. Delicate and firmer touching and stroking up and down my shaft along with attention to the head of my lingam and frenulum, using one or two hands with rental feeling of my scrotum. I once had a friend give me a whole body orgasm by holding and pulling my balls firm from the base of my lingam after his magic hands had caressed my lingam. (Source)

No manhood massage could be satisfying for me, without embodying my balls and ballsack into it. They are just as receptive and sensual as mister member and I love them just the same as I love my cock. My penis likes all kinds of touches, but when it comes to climax, juices and waves of pleasure flowing, in this very moment my cock strictly demands to be stroked with the foreskin covering the glans. Then and only then he grants me with full-scale orgasm, that can be well called la petit mort and last for tens of seconds. (Source)

I love to have it done with intention. If not done by myself, i like the giver to inner connect with me and respond with the type of touch he feels would give the most pleasure at the time, and change that as much as needed. Hopefully he will enjoy giving the massage and find some pleasure in doing so as well.


Get me hard with light, full-body caresses (and a little tickling), then begin gently stroking my well lubed cock until I’m close, then go back to sensual body contact. Repeat this cycle over and over, until I can’t hold back anymore and climax. Thank you.


9 thoughts on “Silence, No Music No Lights

  1. I like to be gently caressed and teased slowly being fondled until my dick is as hard as it can get with the foreskin fully back and a big throbbing helmet. Love to be licked all around the banjo string and balls and slowly wanked preferable with some lube until I explode all over myself or into someone’s mouth,

  2. I like a massage sensuel with natural oil and creams without music not a lot of light and silence

    1. Uwe you have a lovely big cock would love to massage it .My it hard the drink your cum thank for the photo made my cock hard darling XXX allan

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