The primary comment by Amit, that begins this post, is not radical or groundbreaking but it is astounding because I feel it’s so normal. I am single in my early 50s having raised my son, I’ve been straight but always with that desire to fulfill, sex with men. And the thing is, I’m not gay because I am actually attracted to MEN. I’m not attracted to gay typologies I’m just an ordinary guy who finds a lot of ordinary guys really attractive. As Amit said, this place is definitely about belonging and that realisation. We are pretty much all the same, all these straight men, would like to look at your cock, watch you pissing, hope you get hard, hope you see me watching, let me touch it, let me suck it, but moving on from bathroom sex, Andres talks about something more with intimacy and there is a lot to be said for patiently getting anal sex right, men know this and should enjoy it too, it extends your thinking from being penis centred. As Andres puts it I think he is a very grounded, happy man. Thank you for such a great topic! There aren’t really any labels for us, horny men…

Interesting perspective. I think when two men are attracted to each other and having sex, playing with their cocks together it can be considered as gay sex. Is it easier to cope with the fact if we say I am straight but I like to play with cocks too? Why do we always have to hide our feelings. It’s the same in gay community when some men get judged by others for their (dirty) fetishes. Someone just opened my eyes about this and now I can talk about more freely and ignoring those who are judging.


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  1. I am Bisexual love cock love a hot smooth ass also sucking cook is so hot

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