Private Dicks: Men Exposed is a 1999 American HBO TV documentary on the human penis. The film was directed by Thom Powers and Meema Spadola . The 58-minute documentary features 25 men with age ranging from young to old, and who work in a variety of professions, some of whom are professional performers. A mix of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual men, along with two transgender individuals, were interviewed. They were interviewed nude on a variety of topics related to their genitals and sexuality, including first sexual experience, frequency of masturbation, penis size, oral sex, libido, and sexual performance.

So here is the challenge, get your cock out and relax. Breathe deeply and get your cock to a point of slightly less than semi erect. Close your eyes as you gently pump the shaft of your member. Press the record button and talk about your magnificence. Speak slowly, loud and clear. After several minutes, press the stop button and immediately post your video below. Go on, I fucking dare you. 

6 thoughts on “Private Dicks – Men Exposed – 1999

  1. Ahhhh so often I thank GOD for such beauty in such a handsome face that causes me to forget every thing else going on around him. Its just his face and the quirky, charming and boyish gestures that catches me and then takes my attention in oh so many directions. This angel face does it for me. He causes me to appreciate the wonderful world of media, “CUMM.CO.UK ” and its wonderful eye for capturing the distinguishable taste of beauty that I truly do appreciate. So beautiful!!!

  2. Oh, I wanted to answer a few of the questions.

    Okay, size. I’m big. Growing up in the country, you don’t realize how big you are. I mean, I was bigger than my friends, but I thought it was because I started puberty earlier. To be honest, it was everyone talking about how big Tommy Lee was, somehow getting a few stills of the sex tape, and thinking “Pfft, nothing special.”

    Now, I want to say, those of us in the extreme big end have our own issues. Topping can be a problem. If you’re straight or bi, get used to woman on top until she gets used to you. Blowjobs are generally OK, as is any sort of nonpenetrative sex.

    Masturbation, yeah, a lot, and often not alone. I swear, before I graduated, I think my ratio of orgasms was over a dozen masturbation “with another guy” for every time I slept with a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I love women, but there’s just something about kicking back and spending some quality bro time.

    While on the topic, pornography. Where I grew up, we didn’t get much porn. Most people thought the women in porn were trafficked? I guess gay porn would be acceptable. I distinctly remember getting a porn ad in the mail. Gay porn, straight porn, bi porn, weird things like a woman with three-inch nipples, all in one ad. I hid it from my family and jerked off to it a lot.

    Finally, I wanted to add something about circumcision. I’m not circumcised. There’s really not that much difficulty. If there were, mammals would’ve gone extinct some time in the Permian? And your average US girl can’t tell one from t’other if you had me and an Israeli friend getting blown by her like a seal honking horns, me wearing just a crucifix and him wearing, I don’t know, a chai necklace or something.

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