Private Dicks: Men Exposed is a 1999 American HBO TV documentary on the human penis. The film was directed by Thom Powers and Meema Spadola . The 58-minute documentary features 25 men with age ranging from young to old, and who work in a variety of professions, some of whom are professional performers. A mix of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual men, along with two transgender individuals, were interviewed. They were interviewed nude on a variety of topics related to their genitals and sexuality, including first sexual experience, frequency of masturbation, penis size, oral sex, libido, and sexual performance.

So here is the challenge, get your cock out and relax. Breathe deeply and get your cock to a point of slightly less than semi erect. Close your eyes as you gently pump the shaft of your member. Press the record button and talk about your magnificence. Speak slowly, loud and clear. After several minutes, press the stop button and immediately post your video below. Go on, I fucking dare you. 

12 thoughts on “Private Dicks

  1. I have learned so much from this site i am loving it i am middle age an i M still learning new things i love cock

  2. dear Mr Cox .. what a wonderful site .. i explore since few weeks and always pleases me !
    thank you .. it is far better report than a Kinsey about males and their interraction between them and sex . a sort of answer book about ” what u always wanted to know about male sex but never dare to ask ”
    i always have been curious about the others experiences and here is the Bible all is revealed !
    i must tell you that reading in your site , a lot of amusing interesting things watching pics i realised that i really feel to be a male not in sex only but mentally .. i had some little unpleasnt thought about myself when young .. ( social pressure ) now i know i am a regular male like any other , bisexual, that is a great advantage , even if easy sex with men .(. few thousands in my active sexual life ) is far more attractive as has the taste of interdiction also , and hunting a male is also sometimes more dangerous adds thrill!
    ! thanks again for your psycological help and work on masculine sexuality
    nice job !

  3. Mate, I love…..
    Circumcised can be detected but it depends on the the arousal and the “education “, has almost nothing to do with religion.
    BIG can be a problem, I had sex with an amazing man who turned out to be a bit too big. I’m not complaining but it was not great, off I went. We are msging again over 5yrs later but no action. Yet. I hope to ride that massive cock again.

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