Hello Mr Cox, I have read your stories about men having anal orgasms. I love ass play so I went out and got a your prostate massager, regular size. I have been able to have anal orgasms over the last two weeks. This morning though was incredible. After inserting your prostate massager all the way in I start to slowly squeeze with my ass muscles. After keeping a constant grip on the vibrator for about 10 minutes my ass starts to quiver and spasm. This gets stronger and more intense and remains so for about a minute. Usually my ass really starts to contract and pulsate. After that feeling I back off and relax my ass muscles and try to go again. This morning after I relaxed a bit my ass just started to sqeeze and pulsate very quickly taking me into such a feeling of bliss. That lasted for about 10 seconds and backed off, but it started again two more times. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I really get into it with heavy breathing and moaning…can’t help it… and playing with my nipples

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