“Will patrols his heterosexuality like a prison guard who has recently lost faith in the penal system. Or maybe one who favours reform of the penile system (thanks and sorry . . .).” 

Robert Webb, How Not To Be a Boy

5 thoughts on “Heterosexual Propaganda?

  1. Weird, I’m reading Robert Webb’s book right now.
    Nothing against heters, but your pics say a lot more, a very healthy percentage of these heterohomos (intended fuck up with my words) are being fucked by a cock, having their own sucked or sucking another man, all very homo to me?! Are you still str8 if you’re kissing a woman while you’re being fucked by a big penis, not too sure about that. Does it matter? Heter or Homo wtf
    Celibate OR sexual is all that’s necessary surely.

  2. Most heterosexual men love to be pampered orally, but this is not always the case with women. That’s why they usually let a man satisfy them orally, but they don’t even dare admit it to themselves. Because they are afraid of gay stigma. Yet a lot of women can’t suck well and don’t know what a man really needs to enjoy good. The straight men I sucked off always left very happily because they had pleasures they hadn’t received from a woman so far. I really like to suck straight men because I see and feel immense satisfaction when they are on top and ejecting delicious cum. They say the best enjoyment of their lives is that moment.

    1. There’s no better pleasure than sucking a straight guy’s cock. Because their mates often don’t like sucking dicks..And these males come thirsty for a moist, hot mouth that knows how to treat your dick the way they like it.

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