Well, I have known about your site for a long while now and just wanted to thank you. I first found it when I was just starting to discover my sexuality, and it helped substantially. There are boundless amounts of information here that have guided me on my way to the fruition of my true self. I just recently had an experience with a good friend, whom I now cannot get off my mind. For a little background, I am in the military, there is always a lot of joking about homosexuality in the military especially amongst the younger guys. Which as you can imagine is rather difficult for someone(myself)that actually lusts towards these men. One man in particular (Mike) really caught my attention. He was perfect; fit, great smile, wonderful eyes, and a personality to die for. I first noticed that there may have been similar feelings from his direction at a field training exercise where he just seemed to always be following me around. We would stand next to each other in formations, always eat together, and our cots were near each other in the tent. When I say near, I mean next to. It just so happened that our two cots were at the far end in the back where they had to be pushed together to fit inside. As the week went on I started hinting more and more at the fact that my joking was a lot more serious, and then I finally told him. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him that I found him attractive. He responded with the same. That night we both stayed up talking. We waited until all the other soldiers had fallen asleep, and that’s when it happened. I reached over the tiny gap between our cots and started to rub his chest and stomach. Slowly caressing his body with my finger tips, he started to twitch and moan a little. It was really hot, being in a tent full of people with the risk of getting caught. After I got comfortable with his body I started to move closer and closer to his dick, slipping my finger tips into his boxers with every sweep across his abs. I leaned over and blew in his ear then bit  it a little. He looked at me with wide eyes, almost like he was afraid of what he had gotten himself into. Then we kissed, it was passionate and intense, it sent chills down my whole body and immediately got me hard. No kiss in my life has ever been that intense. We pulled down one another’s shorts and started to rub each other’s rock hard dicks quietly moaning and whispering to each other. shortly after that I went down on him right there in the tent, with 18 other people sound asleep. He nearly screamed with pleasure but used his sleeping bag to muffle the noise. He filled my mouth with his load, cumming so violently that it sprayed out the side of my mouth. It was amazing and he immediately returned the favor. We both woke up tired but it was worth it Nick

3 thoughts on “sexological soldiers

  1. If I had £1 for every guy who joined the military to prove he was a real man, only to realise he preferred men, I would have a nice little pension pot.

    1. If I has £1 for every guy who mage a judgement about other’s sexuality without having any idea about what they were talking about, I’d be smoking the pension “pot”

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