There’s one very easy way. A study in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine in 1997 of men aged 18-22 found that those with a tight foreskin either never masturbated or used an unusual technique. Once they did masturbate in a more conventional way (ie. an up and down motion mimicking sex), the problem righted itself in a few weeks.

I proclaim my foreskin proudly. Growing up, I kept my skin pulled back to expose my cockhead, ashamed that I was not circumcized. Appalling, considering how much I now love my skin. I learned how to stretch the overhang after joining the Uncut Club of America. Because I am aware of the paroxisms of pleasure derived in chewing on the foreskin by both chewer and chewee, I use this technique when I perform fellatio. I always seek men with the biggest cocks and the longest overhangs and use my teeth to send my partners into a state of bliss by chewing, nibbling, biting their foreskins to a fair-the-well. I have had encounters with some foreskin lovers who offered to pay me for not washing my cock for a week, so turned on by the cheese (in the south we called it “duck butter) that forms in just a day or so of inattention. What a great Website this is! Informative and educational and so fucking hot. About foreskin restoration, the late, great porn superstar Al Parker was in the process of restoring his ‘skin when he died from AIDS. In his last few videos, he proudly displayed his regained ‘skin which he enhanced by using his vacuum pump. What a turn-on. Al became an avid activist against circumcision

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2 thoughts on “How can I avoid a tight foreskin?

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    I love uncut dick. Theres so much you can do with it Docking ( cum togetherr) Stretch it, put your tongue in it, and lick, stick your finger in it, and stretch it further. I love to have uncut men piss on me, WoW. So sorry im cut !!! My partner is uncut, Really have fun! & with a 3rd guy we play around with is also uncutWhat can i say Im a foreskin lover !!

  2. So, “duck” really is a thing and not just autocorrect? (Old meme about a lulzy kid in Virginia who was kind of a creeper, definitely a racist, and really obsessed with 80s toys.)

    TBH, nmasturbation, done correctly, fixes these problems.

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